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Im Weißen Rößl
(Ralph Benatzky / Thalia Theater Hamburg)

Content: It’s not an easy job for head waiter Leopold in Hotel “Weißes Rössl” on lake Wolfgangssee. But, because of his love of landlady Jopsepha, he keeps the place running. Josepha however has given her heart to a regular guest, a lawyer called Dr. Siedler. Dr. Siedler, on the other hand, is facing a different challenge. Factory owner Wilhelm Giesecke, against whom he is conducting a lawsuit, is also staying at the hotel, together with daughter Ottilie. To crown it all, Siedler takes a fancy in the pretty offspring of his opposing party. When finally his client, “handsome” Sigismund Sülzheimer, appears, only to fall in love with the lisping daughter of poor professor Dr. Hinzelmann, the confusion of sentiments is complete. It is the power of music that helps to solve all parties involved from embarrassment. It creates a utopian world of feelings and promise of happiness, in which in the end the right ones find one another.

Production: Erik Gedeon
Cast: Peter Jordan, Anna Steffens, Norman Hacker, Markwart Müller-Elmau, Andreas Pietschmann, Hartmut Schories, Doreen Nixdorf, Peter Maertens, Judith Rosmair, u.a.
Premiere: January 18, 2003

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